Engage your resellers like never before.
Take a modern approach to engaging your reseller partners. Seamlessly deliver info and rewards to your resellers and their sales people.
Key Features

Deliver info to your partners, instantly. 

Share actionable content to your industry partners quickly, without the annoyance of email blasts or partner portals.


Share with everyone or pinpoint your partners.

Use filters to share posts and incentives with specific groups, companies, departments or people in your partner ecosystem. 


Organize your partners to match your strategy.

Simply how you manage your partner relationships by organizing them into groups that align with your strategy, team and geography.

Sales incentives

Motivate your partners sales people with spiffs.

Drive sales and influence sales people by offering incentive programs that payout [5x] faster and easier then traditional channel reward programs.

Partner Incentives

Invest in growing your partnerships.

Drive sales growth at the partner level by offering partner incentives that deliver win/win outcomes for obtaining specific goals together.


Reward partner contacts for engagement activities.

Quickly reward the people in your partner network for any activities that help drive your business like attending a training, submitting a deal registration or doing a joint sales call with a customer.


Access info from all your partners in one place.

Make partner engagement simpler and more efficient with quick access to all your partners, their people and info in a single search.


Payout your partners faster without the hassle.

We process reward payouts to your partners in a transparent, fast, and automated process, allowing you and your team to focus your attention on engaging and growing sales.

Start sharing info & motivating your industry partners now.