Engage your resellers like never before.
Adopt an innovative method for interacting with your reseller partners. Effortlessly provide information and incentives to your resellers and their sales team.
Key Features

Deliver info to your partners, instantly. 

Share important information with your partners right away by using our service. Say goodbye to the frustration of mass emails or navigating complicated partner portals. With us, sharing actionable content to your partners in the industry is fast and easy.


Share with everyone or pinpoint your partners.

Our platform allows you to share posts and incentives with precision. You can choose to share with everyone or use filters to target specific groups, companies, departments, or individuals within your partner ecosystem. This way, you can make sure your message is reaching the right people at the right time.


Organize your partners to match your strategy.

Easily manage your partner relationships by grouping them according to your strategy, team, and geographical location. This way, you can ensure that your partners are organized in a way that makes the most sense for your business.

Sales incentives

Motivate your partners sales people with spiffs.

Increase sales and motivate your partners' sales teams by offering incentive programs that payout quickly and easily. Our program is five times faster and simpler than traditional channel reward programs, giving your partners' salespeople the motivation they need to drive sales.

Partner Incentives

Invest in growing your partnerships.

Improve sales growth and strengthen your partnerships by offering incentives that benefit both parties. Our program delivers mutually beneficial outcomes when specific goals are achieved together, encouraging partners to invest in growing the partnership.


Reward partner contacts for engagement activities.

Efficiently reward the contacts in your partner network for their engagement in activities that benefit your business. This can include attending training, submitting deal registrations, or participating in joint sales calls with customers. With Quickpays, you can quickly show appreciation for their efforts, driving more engagement and ultimately more business.


Access info from all your partners in one place.

Easily access information from all your partners in one central location. With our search function, you can quickly find and engage with partners, their contacts and all related information in a single search, making partner engagement more efficient and streamlined.


Payout your partners faster without the hassle.

Efficiently pay out rewards to your partners without the hassle. Our system processes rewards payouts in a transparent, fast and automated way, allowing you and your team to focus on growing sales and strengthening partnerships.

Start sharing info & motivating your industry partners now.